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Jason Hart

Jason Hart

Jason Hart is a 30+ year veteran of the technology industry with a substantial track record of innovation and success, including more than 25 years leading security companies. As co-founder and Chief Executive Officer at Safetrust, Jason leads a team of highly experienced security professionals in the development of new technologies aimed at improving productivity in the connected world. Jason’s extensive relationships within the security industry allows him to clearly articulate short-term and long-term trends including developments within mobility, the internet of things (IoT), data analytics and artificial intelligence. Prior to Safetrust, Jason served as Chief Executive Officer of Identiv following the acquisition of idOnDemand in 2011, Chief Executive Officer and Director of ActivIdentity, and CEO of Protocom Development Systems, Inc., an identity management software security business that he founded and led as CEO.

Recent Posts:

Safetrust Honors HID’s iCLASS® Original Lifetime Reader Warranty

On December 4th, 2020, HID Global’s product marketing team published a customer advisory stating that the use of the Safetrust Module would void HID’s lifetime reader warranty. Safetrust is unaware of any technical foundation for this position.

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