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Brooke Grigsby

Brooke Grigsby

Brooke Grigsby is Safetrust’s Director of Marketing, overseeing Corporate Marketing, Brand, Communications, Solutions Marketing, Demand Generation, Sales Development, and Marketing Technology. Brooke possesses a deep knowledge of the industry, with over 15 years experience in the cybersecurity, physical access security, mobile access and the Internet of Things (IoT) segments. Prior to joining Safetrust in 2020, Brooke served at Identiv for just under 10 years, 5 of which steering the marketing efforts as Director of Marketing. Previously, she led marketing at ActivIdentity (now owned by HID Global), idOnDemand (acquired by Identiv) and Identiv. Brooke is an active member of ASIS, SIA, and the NFC Forum.

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